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The Canarian Tennis Federation welcomes you to one of the tennis paradises in Europe. The Canary Islands climate is considered the best climate in the world, thanks to the year-round pleasant, mild temperatures. This is added to the facts that it rarely rains in the archipelago and that it is the region with the most hours of sunlight per day in Europe. All of these factors combine to make the archipelago a really fabulous place with an ‘eternal springtime’, where you’ll be warm enough in just a t-shirt at any time of year. The good climate lets us enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities: sports, leisure, culture… And there is such a variety of beaches and natural spaces that we have lots to choose from: beaches or mountain trails, not to mention seaside walks and beautiful historic quarters in the towns and cities.

Great weather is guaranteed all year round in the Canary Islands. Their fabulous location near the tropics, the Azores High, the effect of the sea and the trade winds that blow in from the north east and, of course, the average annual temperature of around 22 °C all help make your stay simply perfect. Holidays with no extremes of heat or cold. In spite of being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream means that the average water temperature ranges between 18 °C in February and 25 °C in August. Just right for a quick dip any day of the year.

The Canary Islands are a veritable paradise of professional sports tourism, the perfect destination for enhancing performance in an incomparable setting. Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife y La Palma offer a wide range of Clubs combining tennis & leisure ranging from beginners to professional players as well as for families. Play tennis in the mountains, close to the beach, next to a golf course, competitions, summer camps, full year tennis academies, stages,… In Canary Islands you can find all this and even more in an astonishing landscape.

In the Canary Islands Tennis is yours, choose your optimal option combining one of our tennis clubs, nearby hotels, car rentals, flights and best seasons.

If you have children choose one of our Summer Camps and combine holidays with tennis and other activities. It will surely be an unforgettable experience for your children.

If you want to compete take a look to our International Competitions and make your entry.

If you are interested in sports tourism, the Canary Islands are the destination for you. The year-round good climate, the diversity of the nature of the Canaries and the quality of their installations and high-performance centres are some of the reasons why many of the world’s foremost elite athletes choose the archipelago for their pre-season sports training.

The Canary Islands offer you the opportunity to train outdoors with pleasant temperatures all year long: an average of 23 ºC in summer and 19 ºC in winter, with 4,800 hours of light a year and scant rainfall. Because of this, they are the perfect destination to prepare in at any time of year and above all during winter, because training in controlled temperature and humidity conditions, with a constant average of hours of sunlight, has a positive impact on sporting performance.

The archipelago has a wide range of installations, with highly-qualified professionals and ideal services for physical preparation. At present the Canary Islands have over thirty high-performance sports centres (CARs) and technical centres specialising in professional training and sports medicine, offering specific diets and a highly-qualified medical service for complete health monitoring. Because of the characteristics and the high quality of the installations, the islands can accommodate up to 3,000 high-level sports people in the same time period. Numerous European teams chose the Islands to train for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and Rio 2016 due to the mild climate prevailing in the Canary Islands, ideal for training for competitions.

The Canary Islands are perfect for sports tourism: here you can train accompanied by the sea breeze and the warm sun and just an hour later, be training at high altitudes and low temperatures. There is a huge diversity of scenery, types of terrain and microclimates so you can choose the best training conditions at any given time: trails, avenues, roads, paths in the midst of nature… This combination enables one to expose the body to extremely varied conditions, taking performance to the limit and enabling maximum adjustment of training plan.

The Canary Islands are the Spanish region with the highest number of National Parks: no fewer than four parks, full of trails and scenery to accompany you as you practise your sport.

We welcome also other international clubs and tennis associations to strength relationships with the Canarian Tennis Federation in order to improve our comunications and eventually the level of our players.

For more information, such as training camps, children summer camps and special offers, please contact us , we will be pleased to help you.

We look forward to seeing you play and hope you enjoy our islands as much as we do.

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